4 Benefits of Portable Diesel Generators

If you are in the market for a diesel generator, you no doubt have done some preliminary research into purchasing diesel vs. gasoline generators for your business. There are distinct benefits to both, but a diesel generator in Alberta may be the best choice for you depending on your unique business needs.

In short, a diesel generator is one that produces electricity via an alternator (or electric generator) as well as a diesel engine. The engine uses diesel fuel to operate, and is also known as an internal combustion engine. Quite simply, diesel generators produce electricity through the burning of diesel fuel. These are a preferred type of generator at construction sites and in factories, hospitals, offices and more.

Check out these four main benefits of portable diesel generators, which can be moved from place to place as needed.

1.        Cost Effective

Gasoline generators, by contrast, are expensive to run due to the high cost of the fuel they consume. This can get even more costly when the price of gas is sky high and you have an emergency power outage on your hands. Propane generators, another option, are not as efficient as diesel generators and cannot be used in cold weather. They also have a complicated fuel system, so if it breaks down, it’s costly and difficult to fix on your own.

Diesel generators use less fuel than gas generators, typically only half their load when functioning in similar capacity. That’s what makes them ideal for supplying non-stop power, which is great for commercial refrigerators, computers and medical equipment.

2.        Low Maintenance

A diesel generator has lower maintenance requirements compared with other types, saving you both time and money. With no spark plugs to maintain, the only task you really have to worry about is changing the oil on a regular basis and cleaning the unit according to the ownership manual. In addition to low maintenance, diesel generators are also safe to operate, as they are the least flammable fuel source when compared to gasoline and propane.

3.        Sturdy

Portable diesel generators are sturdier than their counterparts, with the ability to run for up to 3,000 hours before major maintenance work must be done. To put into perspective how durable diesel generators are, just consider all the other heavy-duty equipment and trucks that also run on diesel, lasting much longer than smaller, gasoline- powered equipment and trucks.

Because diesel engines are designed to produce electricity under heavy loads for long periods of time, they are ideal for off-the-grid sites where reliable power is required for many hours and days. This is especially so for companies that control mission-critical applications.

4.        Rugged

A portable diesel generator can handle rough terrain and tough work. As such, they’re more reliable in rugged environments over gas units, again perfect for off-site construction work and outdoor activities.

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