A New Year, a New Generator?

If you have an old generator currently in place at your business, or even if you don’t have one at all yet, you may be looking at the new year as a great time to investment in one. Maybe your existing one has been giving you problems, or maybe you’ve grown your business so much this year that it can’t keep pace with your infrastructure needs. In any case, consider buying a new generator in Alberta to keep up with your company into 2020 and beyond.

Here are some excellent reasons why you should invest in a new generator in the event of a power outage and to keep your business running smoothly.

1.    Maintain Customer Contact

If a power outage should happen, you don’t want to be the only business on your block who has to shut down. Worse yet, you don’t want any of your competition to remain open while you have to shut your doors. Having a backup generator means you can still maintain contact with customers throughout the duration of the storm, without worrying so much about when the power will be restored. You don’t lose productivity or money and most importantly, you don’t lose face with your customers.

2.    Lighting and Security

If you include a transfer switch on a standby generator, this means that the generator will kick on automatically in the event you lose power. This transfer switch will sense that loss and will be prompted to turn on. You don’t have to manually switch anything to restore your lighting and security systems, keeping your business safe from thieves or looters.

3.    Electronic Data

A big concern in today’s digital world, your electronic data can be saved if you have a generator. As you know, computers are vulnerable to power outages. If a major storm were to hit, data stored on hard drives could be lost, compromising both customer and internal company data.

4.    Income

Losing power means losing money. The lack of a generator forces your business to stay closed during the outage, representing the potential to lose thousands of dollars for each day you’re not open. A generator acts as a reliable source of backup power that makes it easy for your business to stay open, plus it keeps you connected to your customers.

5.    Connection

A generator ensures your business can still operate during a power outage and remain connected with the outside world. You can still send emails, make calls and process orders online.

6.    Always There

Standby generators are always ready to go at the first sign of a power failure. You are in control when it comes to choosing which pieces of equipment or sections of the building should continue to receive power. You can even separate the building into electrical zones to target power where you need it most.

7.    Flexibility

If you’ve grown this year as a business, you can upgrade your generator to suit the size of your company, taking into account the amount of equipment, computers and buildings you will now need to power in the event of an outage.

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