Benefits of Commercial Generator Maintenance

If you own commercial generators in Edmonton, you know the stress under which they operate. While your equipment is built to handle that stress, it also needs to be maintained in order to keep up with the demands placed on it. No matter where you’re located or what business you’re in, electrical outages can happen at any time. You must be prepared. You can’t afford for your generator to quit working when you need it most. After all, time is money. Lost productivity due to electrical outage is unacceptable.

When disaster strikes, make sure your generators in Edmonton can handle the resulting job. Peace of mind comes with having a generator maintenance plan. Let’s go over the benefits of undergoing regular commercial generator maintenance.


You’re a busy person. You’re tasked with managing employees, inventory, production and more. You don’t have time to worry about whether your generator is ready to go in the event of an emergency. With a generator maintenance plan in place, you can rest easy knowing you’re covered, whether a summer storm knocks out power, a hurricane hurtles through town or some other freak accident occurs.

Seamless Productivity

Having to shut down even for an hour can hit your bottom line hard. Your business needs to maintain constant levels of productivity in order to meet quotas, churn out product and of course make money. A well-maintained generator will pick up where electricity is lost, seamlessly and efficiently so you can keep going.

Your customers are happy, your employees are happy and you’re happy because you’re not wasting time and money sitting around waiting for a repair.

Product Stability

If you work in the food or pharmaceutical industry, you know how vital it is that your product is kept in a stable, cool environment. Any length of time spent in heat can spoil your inventory and lose you money. Well-maintained generators in Edmonton can mean all the difference between safe foods and spoiled items.

This could even put you ahead of your competition in the event of a power outage, as you’re still able to deliver products to your customers when other businesses may be out of commission.

Prevent Loss of Data

For other types of company, data is the main commodity. Loss of power can mean loss of critical data, especially in the retail industry, for example. Generators that keep running during a power outage will allow customers and employees to continue with transactions despite the interruption. In the management field, you can prevent the loss of sensitive data throughout a company network.

Generator maintenance is a very small price to pay for prevention and peace of mind. You keep up with your car’s maintenance through regular service and oil changes because you want it to work when you need it. Same thing goes for commercial generators in Edmonton – only on a much larger scale with the fallout totaling tens of thousands of dollars.

Some sample maintenance tasks that are necessary include:

  • Removal and replacement of filters
  • Topping off fluid levels
  • Replacement for worn parts
  • Upgrades to protect and preserve your investment

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