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The Benefits of a Caterpillar Natural Gas Engine

If your business requires the use of heavy equipment such as what may be used by equipment built by companies like Caterpillar, you may want to consider using heavy equipment that is powered by a natural gas engine. Most heavy equipment is powered either by gasoline or diesel, but a piece of heavy machinery powered by a Caterpillar Natural Gas Engine is becoming more popular because of the many advantages that this type of power plant offers a piece of heavy machinery.

One of the many benefits of an engine powered by natural gas is how cost-efficient this type of engine is for the overall operation of the heavy machinery. Natural gas burns extremely clean. This means that there is less wear and tear on the internal parts of the engine. Even though heavy machinery engines are built to be extremely durable, regardless of how much quality is built into the design of these engines, using fuels like diesel or standard petroleum gasoline is going to have negative side effects that will cause the motor to break down over time. In some cases, the motor will have to be disassembled, refurbished and reassembled and this is not only expensive but it’s time-consuming. Natural gas engines don’t have the same problems.

In addition to natural gas engines requiring less service, natural gas is also much more affordable than diesel or gasoline. In fact, using natural gas can cut your fuel expenses up to one third. In addition to this, natural gas prices have stayed relatively stable over the past few years. The same cannot be said for gasoline or diesel.

If your business needs this type of heavy equipment, you may want to look for a Caterpillar Natural Gas Engine at RLN Energy Services . RLN Energy Services has a number of different mechanical as well as electrical machinery that can be used for a wide range of different applications.

Whether it’s a reduction in maintenance, the reduction in fuel costs or the overall durability of vehicles powered by natural gas, a piece of heavy-duty machinery powered by a Caterpillar Natural Gas Engine may be exactly what your business needs. While it can be a bit more expensive initially, the cost savings that this type of engine offers over the long term means that the engine could end up paying for itself in a short period of time.

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