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A New Service from RLN Energy: Building Custom Generator Switchgear

Recently, RLN Energy has been building custom generator switchgear for our industrial energy customers. RLN is also doing genset installs and commissioning, among other Edmonton power generator services for all industrial clients seeking these types of service options.

RLN Energy Services has a team of dedicated specialists in electrical and mechanical field energy needs. Portable Generators’ switchgear system controls to scale for any large project is a specialty of ours. There are mobile options for all types of industrial energy solutions available, too. These solutions are centrally organized and ready for operation with mobility control switchgear systems. It is not necessary to order various parts from different manufacturers – we help to coordinate these important components to a viable power solution for a given project.

All Edmonton power generator requests such as natural gas applications, turbine, genset, diesel, portable power plants, portable diesel generators and others are just a list of the most popular configurations available from RLN.

How does this benefit our energy industry customers?

By making centrally organized portable energy solutions available in Edmonton from RLN, there is no need to reach out to numerous providers of the various parts of these specialized energy generator modules. Being a member of the Association of Science and Engineering Technology Professionals in Alberta (ASET), we employ the most informed and highly skilled energy technicians, locally situated to begin any project from consultation to set up to installation, ready to meet the needs of all interested clients.

Our sales staff is also fully versed in the application requirements of all classes of portable power generation needs. There are new and used generator components ready for inspection and fulfillment. The RLN sales staff is dedicated to providing the most detailed level of service and maintenance training, so the technicians on staff with clients can also expect support along with a total service package. There is never a need to be concerned about outages or potential system issues. All concerns for seamless operability can be addressed with RLN sales and support staff. RLN is your focal point for the full range of professionally versed, skilled and trained technical service providers in industrial energy solutions.

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