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Cleaner Fuel For a Healthier Industrial Economy

Caterpillar Natural Gas Engine

Natural Gas is a cleaner alternative, and also provides greater economic opportunity via increased variety of fuel options. Natural gas is being adopted quickly by companies like Caterpillar. Natural gas engines represent a new wave of innovative technology that benefits all industries.

The upside to going with compressed natural gas as the main fuel choice for motors are vast and many. The savings start with the environment. Natural gas burns cleaner than the crude oil exports, releasing about 25% fewer greenhouse gases and other pollutants than crude oil.

Also, one form of the natural gas is sustainable. Biogenic methane is a gas that comes from bugs – the kind that live near cow dung. Since 2003, The United States Department of Agriculture has organized over 100 projects to collect biomethane. These projects have saved about 8 million gallons of fuel.

The other savings come in the form of cash. Natural gas is much cheaper than oil. The more horsepower an engine provides, the greater the savings from the fuel source. This means the device is perfect for generators and vehicles that would normal be expensive to operate and difficult on the environment.

A caterpillar natural gas engine is one example of an engine already on the market in industrial services. This engine powers some of the larger machinery that would normally demand a high amount of horsepower to get the job done.

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