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Effective Power Supply Design for the Mining Industry

Power Generation Training

The mining industry has immense power system demands. This means that highly-skilled technicians are needed to set up and maintain power and energy systems to prevent catastrophic power failures and loss. Onsite energy management specialists are a vital asset to any successful mining endeavor because they have the skills and expertise to save a project during system failure.

Mining managers need to seek technicians who understand that “downtime” means no production and thus, no money. The field technicians who can reduce downtime and fix power systems efficiently and effectively are highly valuable and key to maintaining a productive worksite. They also need to understand that safety matters and provide Certificates of Safety to ensure the highest quality of work. With skilled, trained and safety certified technicians onsite, a company is able to mine vast and remote areas that competitors may not have access to.

Another huge benefit a mining plant can take advantage of is hiring a company that has the ability to sell power generation equipment. Some examples of beneficial assets that can be sold include natural gas and diesel extraction equipment, turbine generators and HFO/LFO engines.

Finally, hiring a company that offers power generation training to their upcoming technicians is the best choice for any mining plant to get because it further ensures the quality of work that is expected. The proper management structure of any company can make or break a business and choosing one that fits your specific goals can be the deciding factor in making it big or taking a loss.

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