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How to Choose the Right Generator for Your Project

Industrial-strength generators are a frequent necessity for back-up power, emergency power, and heavy-duty construction site power. Choosing the right generator for the job at hand, however, is not always easy. There are many variables: fuel type, size, cost, voltage output, cycle-type, phase-number, type of cooling system, etc. The best option will vary with the type of business involved, the physical location of the site, and the long-term or short-term nature of the project.

Gas-powered models, like 1000 kW cat generators, for example, have a number of advantages. Gasoline is a readily available fuel and is a little cheaper than natural gas (propane). These engines are quite efficient as well. The main drawback is that the fumes make it best not to use them at hospitals and in mixed zoning.

Natural gas powered generators have in their favor easy fuel storage ability. Large tanks, above or below ground, make it easy to keep them constantly fueled. This fuel is, however, more expensive, and the generators themselves are also more expensive than other types.

Diesel-fueled generators are the most common variety. They are often made portable by attaching them to semi trailers or other devices. Diesel fuel is much easier on rubber and metal engine parts than gasoline and produces less odor. It also has a lessened explosion risk. However, diesel generators do create a large amount of smog.

Industrial generators are commonly put to use by hospitals, small businesses, mining companies, telecommunications centers, and by home owners during a blackout. The cost of renting or purchasing a generator vary greatly as does the cost of running one. The benefits and risks associated with each type of generator tend to favor the usage of the one under one set of circumstances and of another in a different situation. It is best to contact experienced professionals to help explain to you in detail all of the factors that will go into making an informed decision.

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