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Power Generator Safety Precautions

It is of paramount concern that workers have a comprehensive understanding of safe practices when operating, installing, repairing or maintaining power generators. What follows is a general description of several safety precautions associated with industrial Edmonton power generators.

1. To prevent explosions, a power generator’s immediate environment must always be free of combustible materials, including any flammable litter or flame producing tobacco products. This stipulation includes leaks from the unit and all other combustible liquids.

2. Personnel who attend power generators must always be alert and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and instructions for any and all tasks performed.

3. Power generators emit poisonous gases and require continuous air flow for safe operation. Exhaust fumes should always be vented away from inhabited areas.

4. Turn all power off at the source before opening or dismantling a unit. In addition, any battery cables leading to the unit should also be removed, and ample time should be given for the unit to cool before work is performed on the unit. Never attempt to work on a unit that is powered on or connected to a power source.

5. A unit must be checked regularly. Broken or defective parts must be replaced before the unit is powered back on. Negligence can be fatal.

6. A fire extinguisher should be located in the immediate vicinity of the unit. Do not use any fire extinguisher that contains tetra-chloride.

7. Insulate all electrical connections, and never attempt to work on any electrical component of the unit when water is present.

8. All units should have proper grounding which should never be disconnected or tampered with.

9. Ensure that all conducting electrical components present in the unit meet or exceed recommended capacity.

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