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Power Plants versus Generators: Knowing the Difference Could Save You Money

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Generators and power plants have one thing in common: they’re both capable of producing electricity for on-the-job use.

The difference is in how much power each component can generate.

Generators are much like inches while power plants are like yards. With 36 inches in a yard, it is possible for power plants to include multiple generators within their construction.

Let’s explore the similarities and differences of generators and power plants to better understand which of the two you need.

The Similarities of Generators and Power Plants

There are a number of traits that generators and power plants can share.

Power plants and generators can both be portable. You may find that having a portable power plant in Edmonton facilitates your needs for power work equipment, portable offices, and countless other projects.

They both require a certain amount of maintenance to continue operating at optimum efficiency. Larger equipment will typically require more maintenance.

The last major similarity is the fact that both generators and power plants can utilize a variety of sources for generation. They will most commonly utilize gasoline, kerosene, and other combustibles. They can also utilize coal, wood, water, wind, and solar power to produce electricity.

The Differences Between Power Plants and Generators

The largest difference between these two methods of power generation is the scale at which they operate. Generators are the basic building blocks of generating electricity. They can be wired together with power loading and transformers to transmit large amounts of electricity.

The next difference pertains to the way they generate power. Generators tend to be ideal for simple power generation for small-scale jobs. Power plants can use multiple sources of electricity to keep power generation efficiently.

The last major difference is in how power generators and power plants generate. Generators tend to be limited to converting matter into electricity, while power plants may convert matter into electricity, steam, or kinetic energy.

Making the Choice Between Generators and Power Plants

Generators are designed for small-scale and simple operation while power plants are designed to supply significantly larger amounts of energy.

To decide if you need to purchase a generator or a power plant, consider the amount of power and the type of energy you will need. Portability, the cost of investment, and your current power production infrastructure are factors that should come second.

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