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How to Properly Install Power Generation Equipment

Installing Power Generation Equipment

RLN Energy is very concerned with power equipment safety and proper installations. It is important to observe these key points of power generation training when installing a unit.

1. Always be sure to use a certified technician or authorized dealer for installing and maintaining equipment. Also utilize the latest NFPA booklets to see what standards apply to a particular unit and its power system.

2. Inspect generators when they are received to check for any damage the unit may have sustained during the shipping process.

3. Ensure that the output capacity of the generator is acceptable for the loads it will be subjected to in the event of a power outage. Remember to prioritize and independently wire critical loads if necessary.

4. Units should always be placed in an open area with an enclosure. The area should be elevated enough to prevent flooding and also be free of conductive and combustible materials.

5. Make sure that all aspects of piping comply with the standards for the type of fuel being used; NFPA 54 applies to natural gas, and NFPA 58 applies to liquid propane. As a rule, the less piping used the better, so it is best to place the unit as close as possible to its fuel supply and transfer switch.

6. Always utilize a licensed electrician to properly ground the unit. A grounding lug is commonly provided with a generator, but some locales will have different standards.

7. Charge batteries fully pre-insertion into the unit.

8. To avoid distortion, always wall-mount the transfer switch ensuring that all points are level with one another. The transfer switch should also be connected to the utility by a qualified electrician.

9. If no transfer switch is present, plug desired appliances directly into the unit. In all other cases, the unit should be connected to the electrical system exclusively via the transfer switch. Back-feed can occur if these standards are not properly observed.

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