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Providing Energy Solutions For Edmonton, AB and Beyond

If you’re searching for dependable energy solutions in and around the Edmonton, Alberta area, then RLN Energy is a St. Albert company that can help you out. If you want valuable information regarding how our company tackles many major energy problems that companies regularly face, be sure to read the “Recent Projects” section of our business site.

When an Alberta social housing organisation was performing an automatic transfer change over to senior care residences in the northern part of the province, our company offered backup power courtesy of our standby generators. We handled sourcing, installation, supplying and testing of all of these standby generator units.

One of our clients experienced problems joining a pair of induction generators to the grid. They were having difficulties with the guidelines and utility red tape, for example. They requested that RLN Energy help them finish the necessary testing for properly powering up the location. Our company took care of wiring verification and wiring tests. The location was finally powered up.

A prominent company that specializes in pipelines needed extra power to handle the speedy growth of their control room project. The genset they already had was on the older side and was therefore incapable of managing future loads. The company turned to us to find, install and then commission their brand new genset.

If you need a sturdy power generator, in Edmonton or elsewhere across the globe, we can aid you. Our company’s available services include rental mobile generator sets. Transporting these mobile generators is a simple and swift process, and so is installing them. We arrange all of our rental sets so that system connection is a convenient, basic, straightforward and speedy process for our valued customers. If a company is conducting repairs or going through new installations, rental generators can be handy for keeping up their clients’ prior system dependability.

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