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RLN Energy Services Now Offering Rental Generators

RLN Energy Services is excited to announce a new service offering for our customers: RLN now provides generator rentals to meet your short-term or mobile energy needs. Whether you need generators for a planned shutdown, an unexpected outage, or are in a mobile industry, RLN can provide you with the expertise and power you need.

Generator rentals can help our customers lower costs without a long-term commitment. We can supply generators for any prime power or standby application. Our experts will mobilize and set up power wherever and whenever you need it.

For customers with short-term needs, generator rentals deliver a more cost-effective alternative to purchasing a generator. Purchasing a generator requires a significant up-front cost and can leave you with an unused or under-used asset. Generator rentals can provide you with the energy you need, for the time you need it, at a much lower cost.

Generator rentals are the perfect solution for our customers in mobile industries who do not remain in a permanent location. There are no long-term commitments and you can avoid the hassle and additional cost of generator purchase and the frequent relocation of your purchased generators. Let our experts come and set up rental generators wherever you need power.

Our mobile generators are easy to move into place. Parallel systems can be set up or we can set up generators that allow for automatic transfer when you need to ensure the power stays on without fail. Natural gas and diesel generators are available for rental. Our trained and experienced technicians can advise you on the best way to meet your short-term or mobile generator power needs.

Contact RLN Energy, your best choice for industrial engines in Edmonton, for more information on how generator rentals can meet your business needs.

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