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The Rise of Natural Gas

All too often products and services are portrayed as safe, harmless or even healthy, only to find out later on that they are detrimental to our health, the health of our families, the health of the environment, or the health of the economy.

Energy sources have long been one of the largest contributors to pollution, accidental death and illnesses such as coal worker’s pneumoconiosis. It is our right and our duty to find the safest and most efficient sources of energy possible in order to protect our families and the planet on which we live.

Natural gas is more efficient than oil, gasoline or diesel. Recent advances in technology have led the ongoing advancement of natural gas engines, such as those built by Caterpillar, which is capable of eliminating the use of electricity in the home, expanding the efficient benefits of natural gas appliances from just one or two appliances to your entire home.

Natural gas is an excellent clean energy source. Minimal carbon dioxide, sulfur and nitrogen emissions are produced with Caterpillar natural gas generators. Caterpillar natural gas generators do not release nearly the amount of pollutants into the environment as competitors like oil and gasoline do.

Recent technology has made it possible to produce enough natural gas to support the world for generations. By using natural gas, we reduce our dependency on foreign oil and keep jobs right here in Alberta.

For the conscious consumer who is concerned about the future for their children, the environment, and the economy, natural gas is an easy choice, and Caterpillar natural gas generators make the transition simple.

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