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When is Natural Gas Better Than Diesel?

When choosing between natural gas and diesel, there is a lot of information out there to help you make your decision. However, that information is not always accurate; that’s why we at RLN Energy Services are providing some reliable information for businesses that are shopping for industrial engines in Edmonton. Listed below are four situations in which natural gas is the best option:

1. Sites Subject to Strict Emissions Requirements

One of the biggest benefits associated with natural gas is lower exhaust emissions. Generators that use natural gas release up to five times less NOx and virtually no particulate matter output compared to diesel-fueled sources.

2. Areas that Experience Frequent/Dangerous Weather Conditions

When there is an increased risk for hurricanes, floods, and extreme cold, natural gas is best because natural gas lines produce a 24/7 supply that runs underground, protecting them from severe weather conditions.

3. Areas where Extended outages are Expected
With the 24/7 power supply provided by natural gas lines, you will have greater access to power if you are expecting extended outages.

4. You Want to Save Money
There is a significant difference between costs associated with natural gas gensets and diesel units, no matter how much time you spend using your system. A natural gas-operated system that is utilized for only 50 hours per year can save more than $15,000 per year in fuel costs!

If you are looking for industrial engines in Edmonton, consider the situation in which you will be using your unit. If one of the four situations listed above is similar to yours, utilize natural gas for a better overall experience. If you have concerns, more questions, or want to purchase or rent a generator today, contact RLN Energy Services.

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