Why Your Business Shouldn’t Operate Another Day Without a Generator

Whether you operate a mining company, a construction company, a call center or a retail storefront, your ability to earn money depends on having a reliable supply of power. What would you do if the energy grid failed and disrupted your business’s ability to continue operating? Would you encounter serious financial trouble? Would you have difficulty paying your workers? Would you lose customers? A generator can help your company weather a sudden loss of power and continue doing business in the face of almost any disaster.

Why Your Work Site Needs a Generator

Keeping the lights on and the equipment running isn’t just about retaining the ability to generate revenue. A generator can also keep your company’s security system running. A generator ensures that your customers won’t lose the ability to contact you if the power grid fails. It also helps to ensure that power loss won’t result in the loss of any unsaved files on your company’s computers.

Does your business use the availability of its services as a selling point? If you run a business such as a call center or data center, buying a generator is an investment that can pay for itself before long. You can advertise the fact that your business can continue operating after a storm or heavy snowfall.

Understanding Your Generator Requirements

Are you having difficulty calculating the generator capacity necessary to keep your business operating if you lose power from the grid? Call the friendly RLN Energy staff at (780) 991-8575 for advice. These guidelines can help you estimate your generator requirements.

  • List the essentials. If your business can operate under reduced lighting or shut down non-essential computers during a power outage, your business can continue running with a generator that produces a little less power than what your company ordinarily consumes.
  • Hire an inspector. An electrician can calculate your company’s power requirements and recommend the right generator capacity for your needs.
  • Buy a little more than you need. A generator can serve your company for many years. If you outgrow the capacity of the generator you have, though, you’ll go through the hassle of selling and replacing it. If you only run your generator at the peak of its capacity, you’ll reduce its life. A generator that operates with plenty of breathing room lasts longer.


Choosing the Best Generator for Your Work Site

When you buy a generator for your business, you’ll need to choose between diesel and natural gas as a fuel source. Most generators use diesel fuel. Diesel fuel is relatively inexpensive. It’s also easy to store. Many businesses with backup generators construct underground storage facilities for reserve fuel storage.

Natural gas is a popular alternative that costs even less than diesel fuel. If you buy a natural gas generator, you can connect the generator to your city’s natural gas supply. The drawback of using a natural gas generator is that you don’t control the fuel supply. If a disaster disables your power grid and cuts off your gas supply, your generator will not operate.

Final Thoughts

Buying a generator is an investment that can help your business remain operational in the event of a power outage or natural disaster. If you aren’t ready to make that investment, though, consider RLN Energy in Edmonton for your generator rentals. We offer affordable generator rentals that can reduce your expenses or provide an option for supplying emergency power to a temporary work site. Contact us now for more information.

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