Guidelines on When and How You Should Replace Your Large Power Generator and What to Do With the Old One

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There is no fundamental rule for replacing a large power generator. However, certain factors contribute to the replacement of generators. Operating in short power supply circumstances proves to be unproductive to companies. These companies need to be served by large power generators during power shortages or blackouts.

When to Replace a Large Power Generator

Diesel generators can operate between 10,000 and 20,000 run hours in their lifetime. Their ability to last longer depends on the run hours of every usage. A power generator that is over 20 years old should be evaluated immediately to determine whether it can be replaced. Air Quality Regulations were enacted in 2000. A generator that was manufactured before this year also needs replacement. RLN Energy Services offers company owners diverse options for selling, renting, and buying power generators in Edmonton, AB.

Determining the Power Needs and Requirements

Whether it is a prime or backup power generator, company owners should find out the amount of power their facilities require. They can achieve this goal by recording the number of devices that run on electricity and their wattage. When determining the type of loads for a generator, company owners should identify the devices as either reactive or resistant loads. Reactive loads such as ACs and well pumps have electric motors and consume a lot of electricity. Resistant loads like stereo systems and TVs operate by converting electricity to other energy forms. Therefore, their energy consumption is a bit low. Undertaking a power generation training can help in coming up with innovative ways of generating and conserving electricity.

Types of Large Power Generators and Their Industrial Uses

Large power generators include diesel, natural gas, petroleum, marine, and portable industrial generators. They vary depending on the type of fuel used, capacity, portability, and usage. Diesel powered generators are used in industrial engineering and manufacturing processes since they have lower maintenance needs and last long. Natural gas generator relies on liquefied petroleum or propane gas. Technology providers can use them as backup power sources.

Portable industrial generators are useful in field activities like construction and mining. They are usually mounted on trailers and transported to sites with power emergencies. Marine generators are suitable for saltwater environments where oil rigging activities are taking place. They can run on diesel or natural gas.

How RLN Energy Services Can Address Your Power Needs

RLN Energy Services is reputable for selling diverse high efficient power machines. These include diesel engines, power generators, CAT generators, and CAT natural gas engines. The company sells these machines from its corporate office in Edmonton, Alberta. Besides power equipment, RLN Energy also offers power generation training. The company provides this type of training courtesy of the latest Jet Turbine Technology for efficiency. Highly-experienced field technicians facilitate this comprehensive training services.

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