How a Maintenance Plan Saves You Money

Unfortunately, many companies still view preventive power generation maintenance as an unnecessary expenditure or a waste of time and resources. This is not the case at all. Just think of the expenses you’ll incur just from the downtime in productivity in the event of a power outage. Or the major repair or replacement bills that could have been avoided had you just taken care of your equipment in the first place.

It’s natural to focus solely on immediate issues because they’re in your face: address them or you don’t move on. This is called reactive maintenance, and while it is necessary, it’s not to be relied on alone. It’s wise to transition to a preventive maintenance strategy instead to save you time, hassle and of course, money. You’ll need the right partner on your side to help you with preventive maintenance, and that partner is RLN Energy.

Let’s take a look at how a maintenance plan can save you cash.

1.      Reduced Downtime

They say “time is money” and when it comes to production, this certainly rings true. Whenever a piece of your machinery is down for maintenance, you’re losing money in the form of employee productivity and employee wages. In addition, no products are being produced, which is your bread and butter. So, think of preventive maintenance as a way to drastically reduce downtime and save money.

2.      Extended Equipment Lifespan

Preventive maintenance also increases the lifespan of your equipment, whether generators, engines or power plants. When everything works properly, you can better maximize the lifespan of your machinery so you get the most out of your investment.If you have to invest in new machinery five years earlier than expected because you failed to maintain it, this can hit your bottom line hard.

3.      Increased Operational Efficiency

With preventive maintenance, your equipment will run in optimal condition at all times. With efficiency comes the optimal use of energy and resources, which translates to cost savings and an improvement to your environmental footprint. 

4.      Reduced Risk of Expensive Reactive Maintenance

Reactive maintenance is very expensive. When a machine breaks unexpectedly, you have to pay your maintenance crew to fix it (which often times involves overtime), you have to incur the extra time it takes to diagnose the problem, and you have to shell out cash for the cost of the parts (which may very well include expedited shipping charges). Preventive maintenance will reduce the risk of incurring these extra costs. 

5.      Improved Customer Service

Your customers rely on you and put their trust and confidence in the goods or services you produce. Thus, they want items delivered on time, when promised. They don’t want to hear that their order is delayed due to machinery failures. When you provide consistent, high-quality, on-time services to your customers, they will be happier and more satisfied. This will lead to better reviews, more referrals, and more sales.

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