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RLN Energy proudly calls St. Albert, an Edmonton suburb, home. We serve the Edmonton area, and indeed, all of Alberta. However, we are not limited to one province – in fact, we provide industrial engines all over Canada. We are the premier supplier of industrial engines in Edmonton and are happy to assist anyone in the Edmonton area with finding and installing the right power system equipment for them. RLN Energy is synonymous with industrial engines in Edmonton.

According to Premier Jim Prentice, Alberta supports all safe and viable options to harvest these resources as a means to diversify and expand market access to Canada’s important natural resources. RLN Energy is proud to support such options as well, and to help in making this a reality. We provide power system equipment such as natural gas engines, turbines, genset generators, diesel generator sets, portable power plants, portable diesel generators, HFO, and LFO equipment and much more. We are dedicated to improving access to Canada’s natural energy resources, improving life for everyone as the economy expands with the growing availability of these resources.

We’re happy to provide services to a variety of industries as the region’s energy needs expand, including providing training for long-term progress and innovation to move the industry towards the future. We also offer other services such as operation and maintenance training, preventative maintenance consulting and program setup, and procurement and expediting services. RLN Energy helps with project management, employment sourcing as well as sale and/or resale of power system equipment. If you need help finding the right power system for you, contact RLN Energy today.

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