Power Generator Safety Precautions

Installation, repair and maintenance of power generators should always be performed in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and instructions. From poisonous gas emittance to obstructed ventilation flow, there are many problems that can crop up during the course of usage. If not properly installed and maintained, those issues can pose safety and health concerns for occupants.

Let’s go over some general hazards that can arise and the safety precautions you can take to avoid them with your Edmonton power generator.

General Hazards

Exhaust fumes that generator systems emit contain poisonous gases such as carbon monoxide, which can be life-threatening. That’s why it’s so important for exhaust systems to be properly installed, with adequate ventilation so the flow of cooling and ventilating air is not obstructed. Emissions should be directed away from areas in which occupants will be located.

Make sure the immediate area around the generator is clean, free of clutter and free of any combustible hazardous material. Have your equipment regularly inspected so that defective or damaged parts can be replaced right away.

Make sure your operating personnel are aware that they should be alert at all times whenever working with the generator. Never open or dismantle the unit during operation, and never touch moving or hot parts. Disconnect battery cables before working on the generator so accidental start-up does not occur.

Electrical Hazards

Turn off all power voltage supplies at the source during installation or service. Make sure all electrical connections, such as wires, cables and terminals, are insulated and covered, being careful to never touch these components with your bare hands or while in contact with water.

Make sure the frame of the generator and any external conducting parts have proper grounding. Set all wiring, cord sets and cables at the recommended capacity.

Fire and Explosion Hazards

Always remember that smoking near the equipment can be deadly. Post plenty of signs for your workers. Clean up any and all fuel or oil spills, leakages, and combustible materials around the generator right away to avoid the risk of explosion.

Keep a fire extinguisher readily available at all times. Do not use extinguishers containing carbon tetra-chloride, as the fumes are toxic and can deteriorate the insulation on generator wiring.

Regular Maintenance Schedules

Annual, semi-annual or quarterly maintenance schedules must be followed to the letter in order to ensure reliability. With regular inspection, consistent output is expected. Another benefit of proactive maintenance means you can pinpoint damage and defects early on, which prevents more invasive and costly problems later.

While maintenance checklists are specific to the Edmonton power generator you have, here are some general guidelines for what to check:

  • Cooling system: radiator air restriction, hoses, connections, belts, louver operation, fluid concentration
  • Air intake system: leaks and loose connections
  • Performance parameters such as A.C. output and frequency
  • Air cleaner, turbocharger, traps, muffler
  • Fuel system for levels, sediment, and proper pump functioning
  • Electrical system to review meters and batteries: recharge
  • Change oil and filters every year
  • Diodes, end bearing, AC wiring, over-speed switch and breakers
  • Exhaust system: leaks, flush condensation cap, chokes
  • Controls: voltage regulator, wiring, relays, monitors and bulbs
  • Transfer switch for time delays and exerciser clocks: adjusted or reset

For safe and effective use of the equipment, it’s important to ensure proper installation and maintenance throughout the life cycle of your unit.

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