The Importance of Testing & Repair in the Maintenance of Cat Generators

Purchasing a CAT generator and operating it is only the beginning of a full service cycle with RLN Energy Services. A service and training contract is absolutely crucial to the success and long service life of your generator sets. Our goal at RLN Energy Services is to provide you with a generator set, the training and the service to support a successful installation and long service life.

Testing Services

Vibration, thermal and ultrasonic testing services serve to protect your investment in a CAT generator set. RLN Energy Services offers all of these important tests.
The purpose of vibration testing is to determine if there are any issues with your rotating equipment. Depending on the readings we receive, we can tell what type of damage has occurred. Often, we can use the readings to isolate the damage down to a specific bearing.

Thermal imaging is another tool that we use to troubleshoot generator sets. We can find things such as loose, corroded and over-tightened connections by noting an abnormally high temperature. This temperature is due to increased resistance in the wire. Temperature differences can also be used to identify three-phase imbalances, failed components and more.

Ultrasonic testing is analyzing sounds on the higher end of the spectrum to identify problems with rotating equipment. It is possible to detect air/vacuum leakage and bearing failure among other issues.

Training Services

The most important part of a field service and maintenance contract is the training of your own maintenance staff to correctly diagnose and repair your generator set. We advise investing in a power generation training service. The ideal training program starts with classes taught on site by one of our instructors that cumulate in a field exercise on your equipment.

Additionally, training is the best way to add value to your employees and in turn, your company. Outside of the obvious cost savings, a well-trained technician is less prone to injury due to safely performing maintenance and start-up procedures.

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