Why Training on Power Generators and Power Plants is Important

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Working with heavy machinery can be a dangerous occupation. Those in this industry know that keeping our people safe comes down to proper training. It is through consistent training that we ensure safety and proper maintenance is the top priority. Each industry RLN serves has demanding workloads and it is through the training we provide that we can help your organization maintain a safe environment.


In any heavy machinery environment, their use help increase the efficiency and efficacy of any job; however, they also pose a very real threat of injury or death if not properly maintained, or used improperly because of a lack in training.

To minimize any exposure to work-related hazards and reduce the probability of a workplace accident requires proper safety and maintenance training in regular intervals. An ongoing safety training program at regular intervals will ensure your workforce is at peak performance year round.

Maintenance Programs

Industrial generators and powerplants are expensive pieces of equipment. It is also one of them most costly to repair in the event of a catastrophic failure. Creating a maintenance plan with strict scheduling and adherence is the most cost effective way to ensure your generator or powerplant makes it to or beyond its life expectancy.

Training your workforce is a critical success factor for proper machine maintenance. Knowledgeable operators become the frontline to keeping a safe work environment and having equipment that lasts it expected lifetime. Employees who are trained are more respectful to the equipment and more likely to act as caretakers throughout the work cycle. This is what will save any operation money…training.

RLN’s Training

RLN Energy provides exactly the training your workforce needs. We cover a wide range of field services that include:

  • Power system maintenance
  • Safety switching operations
  • Equipment operation
  • Protection/control on generation/distribution systems
  • Mentoring/coaching/training on processes and industry tools
  • Substation safety
  • Grounding
  • Transformers
    …And the list goes on

Why choose RLN for your training needs

When you hire RLN to train your workforce you are getting the best in the industry. We adhere to strict standards on all training and maintenance programs and pass that on to your staff. When your staff takes ownership of the equipment they treat it like a valued piece of the team. Give us a call so we can train your workforce and eliminate costly downtime today!

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