Why Keep Up With Commercial Generator Maintenance?

The answer is simple, really: so you can extend the life of your generators in Edmonton. In a nutshell, generators work hard. They’re under a lot of stress, with a lot of moving parts and expectations. If it doesn’t work right when you need it to, it’s of no use to you. While your equipment is designed to handle that stress, it must get a proper amount of TLC so it can keep up with the demands you place on it.

Whether you’re in the refrigeration business or the pharmaceutical business, having a generator you can rely on will ensure your business can stay productive in the event of a power outage. You need to keep things cold, you need to keep the lights on, and you need to keep the phones and computers going.

No matter where you’re located, you know electrical outages can happen at any time. You have to be prepared. After all, you can’t afford for your generator to stop working when you need it most. Time is indeed money, and lost productivity due to electrical outage leads to a lot of lost money.

When an outage happens, make sure your generators in Edmonton can handle it. Here are some of the main advantages of staying on top of regular commercial generator maintenance.

Product Stability

You obviously understand how vital it is that your products are kept in a stable, cool environment, especially when working in the food or pharmaceutical industry. Time spent out of a cool environment can lead to spoilage of inventory, which costs you money. With well-maintained generators in Edmonton, you can make the difference between foods that are safe to eat and foods that can cause great sickness to your customers. The same is true with medications.

Stay ahead of your competition, too, as you will be able to deliver products to your customers when other businesses may not be operational in a power outage.

Data Loss Prevention

If your company is one that relies on data as its main commodity, a loss of power can translate to a huge loss of critical data. This is especially true in the banking and retail industries, for example. When your generator can keep running during a power outage, customers and employees will be able to continue with transactions even with the interruption.

If you are in the management field, prevent the loss of sensitive data throughout your company’s network with a well-maintained generator.

Ongoing Productivity

If you are forced to shut down due to power loss, even for an hour, your bottom line can take a big hit. You have to be able to maintain constant levels of productivity in order to meet your quotas, make products and, yes, make money. A well-maintained generator will offer seamless and efficient coverage so you can keep moving.

Peace of Mind

You’re a busy person, tasked with managing employees, inventory and production. Why spend valuable time worrying about whether your generator will perform as needed in the event of an emergency? With a solid generator maintenance plan in place, you know you’re covered, whether a freak ice storm hits or a summer thunderstorm rolls through.

Here are some examples of maintenance tasks that you could do:

  • Remove and replace filters
  • Top off fluid levels
  • Replace worn parts
  • Make necessary upgrades to protect your investment
  • Call a professional for regular maintenance and inspections

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